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The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) was established in 1958, since when it has collected observations of birds in HK made by its members. At intervals the Society has published summaries of the status of birds in HK, the latest of which referred to records collected up to 1998. This work is a comprehensive update of that.

Since 1998 the number of records submitted has greatly increased, especially since 2010, to the point where tens of thousands of records are received each year. HKBWS also carries out standardised surveys of all waterbird species and other species or species groups and has carried both breeding and wintering bird atlas surveys.

Based on this database, this online Avifauna of Hong Kong summarises our knowledge of the status, distribution, habitat preferences, identification and vocalisations of all species on the HK List. We aim, as far as possible, to keep this website up to date as, on average, five species are added to the HK List each year.

If you have comments, suggestions or photographs you would like us to consider, please contact us via the Contact Form at the page bottom.

Total Species* at Categories I and II of HK List

 * As at 12 June 2023

Our Progress - about 74% / 424 species

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